Hose Skiving Machine

Hose skiving machines skive hydraulic hoses on the outside, on the inside, or on the outside and inside in a single step.

This device allows internal and external skiving of hydraulic hoses up to a 2" diameter. Hose skiving machine is provided with a fixed tool-holder spindle with only one cutter provided on which is a millimetric ruler which allows setting the skiving distance. Thus, replacement of the pin and adjustment of position of the tool according to the diameter of the hose to be skived is required.

Skiving a hydraulic hose is really about reliability. The right thing to do is to skive it if you're using reasonable fittings. It allows the fitting to bite into the braiding rather than simply rest at the top, the cover. If that cover peels back or pulls off, you're going to have failures. For hydraulic applications where reliability and safety is paramount, that's the main reason you really should skive.

We have a wide selection of hose skiving machines available, the range includes hand machines and workshop style machines.

Using our hose skiving machines you're able to internally skive hoses from 5/8″ to 2″ bore and externally skive hoses from 1/4″ to 2″ bore.

We have hose skiving machines available in single phase and three phase electrical connections, both of which are able to be bench mounted.

We also offer a hose cutting & skiving combination machine which is able to cut hoses up to 1-1/4″ bore and skive internally and externally up to 1-1/4″ bore too. This machine is also to be bench mounted and available for a three phase supply only.

Our hand hose skiving machines are by far the most popular product we sell due to their ease of use, simply mount in a vice and turn the handle and you have skived your hose.

Skiving is the process of removing the outer cover and sometimes the inner cover. The thing about skiving is that you need special equipment. The whole idea with skiving is it allows you to use those reusable fittings. A machine spins around and removes a bunch of material, makes a bit of a mess. The idea is that when you use a reusable hose fitting, you have the two-piece hose fittings that you can install in the field; if you have a broken hose in the machine, you can splice in an attachment or just get yourself by until you can get to a hose shop and get a proper hose made.

Once you cut your hose, you have the hose side, the fitting side, and attach them together. The hose side goes around in a left-handed thread. The idea is that if it’s skived, you don't have to push this threading through the cover of the hose, so not only is there more friction, but it bites into the rubber. You want those teeth to bite into the braiding itself, as that's going to be the strongest connection. Once you have that threaded on, after it's skived, you put in the fitting side, and that will push the hose outward to the teeth that are on the hose side fitting. That allows you to have a secure bite into the hose.

If you do try to use reusable fittings on hydraulic hose, as the hose warms up, what happens is the rubber becomes softer and more likely to release that soft material—because the hose side will not bite all the way into the braiding if you have the cover still attached to the hose. It will pull the entire thing off the braiding because it never actually bit down into it. This gets worse as the hose heats up. With any hydraulic application, obviously, hydraulic oil heats up and you’ll soon have an unreliable hose.

Hydraulic Hose Skiving Machine

Hose skiving machine YHHS-S10 support inner and outer rubber skiving. The max. size which YHHS-S10 can skive is 2". Some customers like to use skiving ferrules like 00100,00210, so it needs the skiving machine to skive the rubber hose firstly. YHHS-S10 can skive the rubber quickily. Before making purchase of the machines, it is better to make sure the voltage which can be used in the workshop. We are able to offer 380V, 220V, 280V, etc. Please feel free to talk to the sales department with any of your requirement.

Technical data of YHHC-S10

Technical DataYHHS-S10
External skiving Φ2"
Internal skiving Φ2"
Revolutions/minute480 r/min
Standard Voltage380V/50HZ
Motor power0.75kw
Optional voltage & power380V/0.75kw
Safety protectionsincluded
Mandrel die setincluded
Waste containerincluded
Dimensions L x W x H(mm)600x580x1110
Weight80 KGS

Package details: Gross weight: 90KGS  Volume: 76cm*66cm*131 cm

Flexible Hose Skiving Machine

YHFHSM-65F is a hose skiving machine which is suitable for R1AT, R2AT, 4SH, etc. Its skiving range is from 1/8’’ to 2’’ to slice rubber from hoses that can be used well. It does not make too much noise that influences your regular work. Details are showed on technical data table. But for other requirements, please contact our sales.

√ Part no.: YHFHSM-65F(Flexible Hose Skiving Machine)
√ Power will be off when the cover is opened
√ Adjust scale plate, adjust the blade rapid
√ Flexible blade which protect steel wire from scatter, and have compensation function
√ Support internal and external skiving

Technical data of YHFHSM-65F

Crimper range1/8"-2" 4SH
Standard voltage & motor380V/0.75KW
Max crimpΦ80mm
Noise level≤65dB

Hydraulic Marking Machine

Hydraulic marking machine YHHM-100 is used to mark numbers or letters on the ferrules, hose fittings, adapter fittings, or other carbon steel products. It is a pneumatic machine. It can mark on the ferrules which max OD is up to 100mm. YHHM-100 is a popularly welcomed machine among customers. We keep a stock for quick delivery.

Technical data of YHHM-100

Technical DataYHHM-100
Max. OD of Ferrule100mm
Pneumatic input0.8 mpa
No. of characters40pcs
Characters height6mm
2 LinesIncluded
Pneumatic pedalIncluded
Digital DisplayIncluded
Dimensions L x W x H(mm)780x500x1100
Weight110 KGS

Package details: Gross weight: 120KGS Volume: 85cm x 55cm x 130cm

Hose Cleaning Machine

Hose cleaning machine YHHC-L200 can clean the hydraulic hoses from 3/16’’ to 2’’. It is a pneumatic machine. After assembled the hoses with fittings and nuts, it might have some dirt or impurity inside of the hoses. Hose cleaning machine helps to clean them out. Otherwise it will affect the hose assembly working.

Technical data of YHHC-L200


Technical DataYHHC-L200
Max hose size2"
Pneumatic input0.8 mpa
Air consumption200L/min
Exit pressure5 mpa
Washing liquid capacity200L
Washing liquidEmulsion
Fine FilterIncluded
Cleaning standardNAS1638:8
ISO 4406:16/13
Dimensions L x W x H(mm)2100x900x1050
Weight170 KGS

Package details: Gross weight: 280KGS   Volume: 210cm x 92cm x 133cm

Hose Test Bench

Hose Test Bench YHHT-T150/250 is used to test the pressure of hose assemblies. And the max. pressure can be tested up to 150mpa(YHHT-T150) or up to 250mpa(YHHT-T250). The hose test machine can test one hose assembly or 6 hose assemblies once. YH Hydraulic keep stock for hose test bench in order to offer a quick deliver. YH Hydraulic is also dealing with hose crimping machines, nut crimping machines, ferrule crimping machines, hose cutting machines, skiving machines, etc.

Technical data of YHHT-T150/250

Technical DataYHHT-T150/250
Static pressure150mpa/250mpa
Min.starting pressure20mpa/30mpa
Pressure controlSemi-auto
Type of driveP+S
Pressure dischargeManual
Door mechanical safety deviceIncluded
Ahock-proof checking windowsincluded
Delivery filterincluded
Peak pressure memory-/included
Dimensions L x W x H(mm)2100x850x1260
Weight190 KGS

Package details: Gross weight: 290KGS   Volume: 210cm x 92cm x 133cm